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ACI Helps You Get into Your Dream Colleges

  • Individual Consultation
  • Essay Workshop
  • Interactive Seminars
  • Countless Essay Editing

Services Include:

  1. Complete application guidance and development
  2. Create unique, brilliant and moving college application essays
  3. Receive invaluable advice and essay editing and revisions until perfection
  4. Personalized attention and focused counseling hours
  5. Highlight extracurricular activities, community services, and awards to stand apart from your peers
  6. FAFSA, CSS, Scholarship, financial aid advice
  7. Hear directly from the Admission Committee
  8. Seminars and workshops on all of the most popular majors and best professions
  9. Full admissions interview coaching and preparations
  10. Panel interview with ACI Alumni for career advice

What can a student do with a Liberal Arts education? What does it mean if a school is considered a Liberal Arts school? Many parents and students are often unfamiliar with the word liberal arts or what a degree...
For several years, I would take the last 5 minutes of my verbal class to talk the SAT test taking experience. Avoiding such mundane advice such as, “Make sure you visit the bathroom before you get into that room,” or “You...
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