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“Where do I want to go to university? Well let’s see. I want to go to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Columbia, John Hopkins, or University of Chicago! Yeah, Cornell is not ideal but yeah I’d go. “What?! I have to be in...
For several years, I would take the last 5 minutes of my verbal class to talk the SAT test taking experience. Avoiding such mundane advice such as, “Make sure you visit the bathroom before you get into that room,” or “You...
What can a student do with a Liberal Arts education? What does it mean if a school is considered a Liberal Arts school? Many parents and students are often unfamiliar with the word liberal arts or what a degree...
Students are always worried about the number of colleges that the average person should apply to. Some apply to one or two while others apply to over twelve colleges. There is actually no right or wrong number, but experts...
–Boost your financial IQ and get the attention of admissions committees– GPA is still the King Your GPA is a good indicator for undergraduate business schools to determine whether or not you can handle the challenging curriculum the school offers. Most...

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