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San Marino Campus
2118 Huntington Dr.

San Marino, CA 91108

Director's Biography Ms. Jean Tseng



Ms. Jean 曾主任在就讀 San Marino 高中時﹐因須準備 SAT 考試﹐在親友推薦下參加 ACI Temple City 校區的 SAT 升學輔導課程。當時的侯主任給予 Ms. Jean 許多指導與鼓勵。從加強英文到建立信心﹐從儀表談吐到為人處事﹐把 Ms. Jean 的潛力充份發掘出來。後來,她以第一志願進入 UC Berkeley 柏克萊加大就讀。畢業後,抱著回饋與再次學習的心態回到ACI工作。從老師﹐學生顧問﹐一直做到ACI Temple City校區主任。Ms. Jean 運用“ 以人為本﹐德智兼修”的專業教育理念幫助眾多學生課業進步並申請進入名校就讀。Ms. Jean ACI工作中體認到學業﹐鼓勵﹐與管理之間的互動關係﹐要求自己更上層樓﹐考進全美極盛名的 Claremont Graduate School 研究所。兩年後﹐獲得MBA企管碩士學位。畢業後﹐再次回到 ACI 擔任San Marino校區主任。Ms. Jean由於本身有在San Marino學區學習及成長的經驗﹐對於該如何提昇San Marino學區的在校成績﹐準備SAT及申請大學均有個人切身經驗與專業的升學規劃訓練。Ms. Jean以專業﹐熱忱﹐愛心與耐心﹐嚴謹負責的態度服務San Marino的每一個華裔家庭的學生和家長﹐也將成功的種子遍撒於San Marino 的華裔社區。

Ms. Jean Tseng was referred to take SAT classes at the Temple City branch by a close friend. She was a high school senior at San Marino High School and wanted to reach for a higher SAT score. Ms. Cathy Hou, the former Temple City director, helped Ms. Jean maximize her academic potential and polish her college application. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she wanted to contribute to the ACI community. Starting off as an instructor then a counselor, Ms. Jean eventually became the director of the ACI Temple City Campus. She believes in inspiring and guiding students to pursue a lifelong passion for learning and personal growth, like the staff and teachers did for her when she was at ACI. Because of this belief, Ms. Jean returned to school herself, earning an M.B.A. in the School of Management at Claremont Graduate University. Ms. Jean is currently the director at the San Marino Campus. Because she grew up in the area, she has direct personal experience with this community’s school system and college preparation needs. Ms. Jean is a passionate, responsible, and patient professional who believes in helping students achieve their academic goals and aim for excellence.