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Since 1987, ACI Institute has been committed to helping students receive all the tools necessary to succeed in school today and get into a top-tier university tomorrow.

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Our Curriculum

Incorporating creative lessons and ideas, we designed our curriculum to help students prepare for the most current standards and tests.

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Our highly-trained teachers have countless hours of classroom experience and provide a fun and nurturing learning environment.

Your Success.

Whether you’re trying to get straight A’s in school, a perfect SAT score, or into the college of your dreams, success is inevitable with us. Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonials!


The Truth Behind Obtaining a Liberal Arts Degree

What can a student do with a Liberal Arts education? What does it mean if a school is considered a Liberal Arts school? Many...

How Many Colleges Should One Apply To?

Students are always worried about the number of colleges that the average person should apply to. Some apply to one or two while others...

Arm Yourself with Knowledge in the Academic Battle

“Where do I want to go to university? Well let’s see. I want to go to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Columbia, John Hopkins, or University of...

What do you do before the actual SAT Test?

For several years, I would take the last 5 minutes of my verbal class to talk the SAT test taking experience. Avoiding such mundane advice...

What Top Undergraduate Business Schools look for in an applicant?

–Boost your financial IQ and get the attention of admissions committees– GPA is still the King Your GPA is a good indicator for undergraduate business schools...

Test Prep

Common College Myths Unmasked

Year after year there are many beliefs and theories regarding the whole college application and admission process. It becomes harder each year to classify which...

English/ Math/ Sciences

The reason for choosing the SAT for your Teen: Test Prep

Did you know there is free personalized online help for students to prep for the SAT?  Me neither!  Thanks to my partnership...

A Response to Perceived Discrimination of Asian-American Applicants by Top Colleges

Over the past year or two, Asian-American parents and students, as well as those who have struggled overseas to provide an opportunity for their...


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SAT SCORE - 2400
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ACI’s classes allowed me to reach my full potential and excel beyond my expectations.

Tatiana Su

Rice University

The classes are brilliantly designed and were intellectually engaging all the way through.

Peter Chen

Princeton University – SAT 2400

With dedicated, personable, and well-qualified ACI teachers, I was able to improve my SAT score by over 600 points in less than a year.

Jozanne Murphy

University of Pennsylvania Early Decision

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