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Why ACI?

Since 1987, ACI Institute has been committed to helping students receive all the tools necessary to succeed in school today and get into a top-tier university tomorrow.

Incorporating creative lessons and ideas, we designed our curriculum to help students prepare for the most current standards and tests.


Our highly-trained teachers have countless hours of classroom experience and provide a fun and nurturing learning environment.


Whether you’re trying to get straight A’s in school, a perfect SAT score, or into the college of your dreams, success is inevitable with us. Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonials!

College Friends

Track Record

Over 60,000 students chose us

Recognized and Respected for over 30 years

Mr. Andrew Kuo

Founder. CEO. And the spiritual leader of ACI education for 37 years.

ACI founder, Andrew Kuo, is an educator with a unique vision that combines traditional academics, eastern/western cultures, philosophy, history, psychology, and success studies. He as substantial experience helping kids realize their potential, increasing self-control, setting educational goals, and adopting positive learning attitudes. Both parents and students enjoy talking with him and are confident in his program.

Director Kuo’s positive thinking has changed the college and career prospects of thousands of students. He teaches them about pursuing higher education while simultaneously living a wonderful life.

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Why Choose ACI?

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