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SAT Prep

Our test preparation courses are designed for the highly-motivated students who desire to increase their chances of admission into any Ivy League level school and a University of California.


We are ready to help you reach your academic goals.

SAT Ivy - 1550+

ACI's courses boost advanced students' scores with rigorous strategies for the SAT tests in August, October, November, and December.

SAT UC - 1400+

ACI's flagship program teaches highly motivated students all the ins-and-outs of the SAT, aimed at boosting scores by 300+ points.

SAT 1500+

ACI's fast-paced curriculum suits students seeking to accelerate score improvement and target all SAT tests year-round.

SAT E-Learning

ACI's premier curriculum targets e-learning students aiming for 1400+ on all SAT tests with an in-depth course.

SAT Digital Lecture

Pre-recorded explanations & strategies for busy students with an average model test score of 1450. It's the quickest way to accelerate your SAT score to the next level.

SAT 1500+

2-Week (8-day) fast-paced program with inclusive curriculum, lessons, explanations, strategies, and practice materials. 6 model tests for realistic SAT practice. Fast score improvement for March, May, and June SAT tests

Test Prep

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